Princess House® Specialty
Microfiber Towel
(5463 )

Item no longer available.
Highly-absorbent microfiber is efficient, cost-effective and environmentally-friendly.
  • Ideal for drying dishes and for polishing stainless steel to a brilliant shine.
  • Also great for mopping up spills, wiping countertops and appliances, cleaning mirrors and windows, and much more.
  • Holds seven times its weight in liquid and dries in one-third the time of ordinary towels.
  • Reusable towel saves money and allows for chemical-free cleaning.
  • 24″L. 16″W.
  • Machine wash in cold water with like colors. Tumble dry.
  • Placing in a mesh bag will prevent attracting fibers from other fabrics in the wash that may cause lint.
  • We do not recommend using fabric softeners in the washer or dryer, as they reduce absorbency.
  • Do not bleach.
  • Do not iron.
  • Never use Microfiber Towels & Cloths as potholders to handle hot cookware or as trivets to rest hot cookware or baking dishes. Do not use Microfiber Towels & Cloths to wipe glass cooktops until the surface has cooled completely. High temperatures could cause Microfiber Towels & Cloths to melt onto surfaces.

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