A Perfect Blade for Every Cut

Doesn't your kitchen deserve the best tools for every task?

Introducing our exclusive Culinario Series® Cutlery. High-quality German stainless steel, backed by a lifetime warranty.

Prep food like a pro

with Chef Carlos

7" Santoku Knife

The three virtues knife

Slice, dice and mince. Divots on blade release sticky food.

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Chef’s Knife

The food processor

Chops, dices, slices and minces.

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Serrated Utility Knife

The fruit slicer

Cuts through soft fruit and citrus rinds without crushing.

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Boning Knife

The Flexible Knife

Thin, curved blade flexes and moves easily, making it ideal for boning and trimming meat and poultry.

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Kitchen Shears

German Stainless steel blades with micro-serrations to help grip items and prevent slipping. Blades separate for easy cleaning.

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Collection Highlights

Fully forged, one-piece construction of German stainless steel for strength and durability.

Expertly crafted, weighted, and balanced to perform with precision and control.

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