What's Your Why?

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As CEO, you can run your business on your schedule. Day or night. Weekdays or weekends. Two days a week. Five days a week. You’re in control.

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Consultants earn
$125* or more per
party, on average.
Not bad for a couple
hours of fun!

*The earnings in this illustration are before expenses and do include bonuses (see below) and assume that each party has $500 in customer sales. The estimated earnings set forth in this table are not a representation or guaranty of what you may or will earn. There is no guarantee that a Consultant will earn any income. Actual earnings depend, among other things, on individual efforts and skill, customer base, and time devoted to the business, and may differ significantly from person to person. You should not rely on the success of other Consultants as an indication of what you should expect to earn. Note: Consultants earn 25% of their personal sales with additional bonuses of 5% or 10% when sales per Period are from $1,500 to $2,499 or exceed $2,500, respectively.