New Products

Mi Cocina by Princess House 10" Comal

Stainless steel accents for an elegant look.

Durable cast iron is perfect for dry-heat cooking at high temperatures.

Mi Cocina by Princess House 10 in Comal

Princess Heritage® Tri-Ply Stainless Steel 12-Qt. Simmer Pot

Perfect for your favorite soup recipe.

Heats evenly on bottom and sides.

Princess Heritage 12 qt Simmer Pot

Culinario Series™ Healthy Electric Skillet

1700 watts of cooking power.

Even heating with no hot spots.

Culinario Series Healthy Electric Skillet

Meridian™ Stacking Storage Baskets

Hinged handles turn in, making stacking easy.

Stack any combination of sizes — they all work together.

Meridian Storage Baskets