About Princess House

In the 53 years since its founding, Princess House has never lost sight of its purpose: To provide life-enhancing opportunities to anyone willing to work hard and pursue their dreams of entrepreneurial success.

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Our Princess House  Purpose

The dynamic pairing of premium products with relationship-building experiences is the very foundation of our people-powered business model, one that has proven time and again to enrich the lives of our independent business owners and their families. Through fostering relationships and sharing the Princess House opportunity with others, our independent business owners continue to achieve inspiring levels of personal and professional success.

Our Princess House  Values

As champions of personal and professional development, we embrace and celebrate diversity while ensuring that our values are culturally relevant to all. In the Princess House “PHamily,” each of us strives to embody these principles every day.

Connie Tang

President and CEO

Connie Tang has built her career on giving entrepreneurial-minded women across the globe exactly what they need to conquer the world of direct selling.

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Princess House Company  Milestones

From hand-cut crystalware in 1963 to gourmet-quality cookware in 2016, Princess House is a company on the move.


Princess House was ranked 74th worldwide on the Direct Selling News Global 100 List.


Princess House was ranked #22 on the Top 100 Women-Led Businesses in Massachusetts by the Boston Globe and the Commonwealth Institute.


Princess House celebrates its 50th Anniversary.


Connie Tang is named first woman President and CEO.